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Will there ever be a contactless debit card from Ulster Bank?

If you bank with AIB, KBC or the Bank of Ireland you’ll have been able to use their contactless debit cards for the last couple of years.

However Ulster Bank in the Republic of Ireland do not offer a contactless debit card. They have contactless on their ROI credit card, and they have it on their Northern Ireland debit card, but the bank have given no indication when it will be available on ROI debit cards.

It’s annoying for Ulster Bank customers, who can’t take advantage of the convenience of contactless payments.


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7 thoughts on “Will there ever be a contactless debit card from Ulster Bank?

  1. They seem fairly on the ball with other tech, Touch ID to open their iPhone app and Apple pay in the UK. There has to be a reason but they’ll loose customers.

  2. AIB and KBC have both launched Android Pay – contactless for your smartphone. I suppose it’s a bit of stretch to expect Ulster Bank to launch this too!

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