UPC Upgrades

It’s no more than a month since my NTL (UPC) broadband speed was doubled from 3 megabits to 6 megabits, and now I read that from July onwards the they’re increasing the downloads bandwidths again to 20 megabits for the €40 package, and 10 megabits for the €30 package; the one I have (see news item: UPC announces 20Mbps broadband for €40 a month)
At long last we’re achieving reasonable download speeds in Ireland, comparable with other countries in western Europe. Shame that they continue to restrict the related upload speeds so much.
However, they have announced that they’re going to abolish the data caps on their new 20 and 10 megabit packages, so I shouldn’t moan too much, as they now seem to have the best offering on the Irish market

EdFringe systems failure

It’s red faces all round in the Edinburgh Fringe office, as their box office sales are still suspended. They were due to begin selling tickets for this August’s festival shows at 10.00am on Monday (9th June), but because of technical problems with their new box office software, tickets will not be available until next Monday (16th) at the very earliest.
Early reports from the start of the week stated that the software problems were only affecting online sales on the edfringe.com website. However, the continuing downtime has forced the Fringe Society to suspect all ticket sales (including those in person and on the phone) until the problems are resolved.

I have broadband

Joy of joys! I now have broadband, and can waste time at a much faster speed than before.
For the last six or seven months I’ve been making do with different wireless internet connections – all of which have been pretty flaky. With slow download speeds and dropped connections, its kind-of criminal that they sell these wireless services as ‘broadband’. They’re maybe okay for the very occasional web user – someone who checks their email a couple of times a week – but not for me.
Back in Edinburgh I used to have broadband internet over cable (Telewest), and had very few problems with them. In fact, over the 5 years I was a subscriber, I think I only ever had to call the tech support line about three times. And so I decided to go for the same thing here – or more specifically, I am now connected up to UPC Ireland – Broadband Express, giving me a 3 megabit connection.


I’m presently taking a break between work contracts, which fits in nicely with the busy run up to Christmas. It’s good that, when I’m so busy on the evenings and weekends, that I can chill out a bit on week days. However, my new-found gentleman of leisure status does afford me the opportunity to indulge in some idle pastimes.

The latest one is playing Scrabulous – an online scrabble game on Facebook – against one of my friends. They’re certainly not the fastest games on the planet – mostly taking about 3 hours to complete – but it’s a nice distraction that fits around doing chores at home.