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House of Fraser savings in Ireland

The UK department store House of Fraser only has one branch in Ireland, in the Dundrum shopping centre in Dublin.

It’s a nice enough store, but the prices charged to Irish customers are not always the most competitive, particularly when compared to the same products in the store’s UK branches.

This is a problem that a lot of Irish consumers face when shopping in foreign-owned stores, as the price conversions from pounds to euros (or dollars to euros) often don’t reflect the current exchange rate.

A case in point is that we were recently shopping for a big-ticket electrical item, and the price in-store in Dundum was listed as €480. As it happens, the only one of this item they had in stock was faulty, and so the store gave us a refund on a gift card and advised us to order direct from the House of Fraser website.

And so we looked and found the item available on the website for £395 (at current exchange rates, €468) – with free delivery available either to the Dundum store or to anywhere in Ireland. That’s a saving of €12.

However, when we used the gift card to pay their website gave a very generous conversion rate of euros to pounds – 91p for a euro, rather than the prevailing exchange rate of 84p for a euro – and that means we paid even less, just €435!  A total saving of €45.

And so the message is clear. If you want to save money when shopping in the Dublin House of Fraser, go into the store and buy a gift card, then use that gift card to order on their website. You’ll end up saving around 10% off the physical store prices.

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Bypass Delivery Restrictions and Save on Postage with Parcel Motel

One of the annoying things about living in Ireland is not being able to get things delivered easily and cheaply.

Online shopping from the likes of eBay or Amazon can bag you some great bargains, until you realise that the seller won’t ship to Ireland, or will charge you a fortune in international postage.

parcel-motel-logoParcel Motel is a great way to get around these problems. They give you a legitimate UK address to use (in Newtownabbey just north of Belfast in Northern Ireland) from which they will forward parcels for a reasonable fee to any of their pick-up points in Ireland.

How it works

When you register with the service you are allocated a Parcel Motel ID (format PM99999) that forms the first line of your address. Then, whenever you order anything, simply use the following delivery address:

<Your Name>
<Your Parcel Motel ID>
Parcel Motel
1A McKinney Road
BT36 4PE

The staff at Parcel Motel will accept and sign for the parcel on your behalf. They then scan it into their own system, and you can track where it is by logging into your My Parcel Motel online account.

You need to make sure your Name and your Parcel Model ID are correct in the delivery address of the parcel, because if they don’t match, the package may be rejected.

Collecting your parcel

Within 24 hours of delivery Parcel Motel will then forward the item from their Antrim depot to your pre-defined pick-up location. There are around 100 different locations of Parcel Motel lockers around the Republic, and you can choose whichever one suits you the most.

The parcels are delivered to the secure lockers, and you get notified by text message and email as soon as it’s ready for collection. The lockers are accessible 24 hours a day, and when you turn up it’s just a question of typing in your mobile number and the PIN supplied, and your locker opens.

Restricted delivery

I’ve used Parcel Motel a number of times to buy products that just aren’t available in Ireland, such as the Nexus 4 phone. In the past I’ve used family and friends based in the UK to accept parcels and forward them on – but it seems that Parcel Motel are cheaper and quicker.


The Parcel Motel service can also be used to return items to certain retailers free of charge. The process works in reverse, in that you drop off the package you want to return to a Parcel Motel locker, and they will forward on direct to retailer.

It’s a much easier and cheaper process than going to the Post Office or calling up a courier to arrange the return of items.

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Google Nexus 4

It’s not easy getting hold of a Google Nexus 4 in Ireland. It’s not on sale here, from Google, or from any of the mobile networks. So you need to be a bit creative to get your hands on it.

The Nexus 4 has been getting some amazing reviews in the tech press. It’s pretty much the best Android phone on the market at the moment, but at less than half the price of the competition.

The cheapest iPhone 5 costs €679, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 is about the same price – but the Nexus 4 starts at £239 (€276) £159 / €184 (*Updated price) SIM-free direct from the Google Play store. That’s amazing value for such a good phone!

Of course, getting hold of one is another matter. Since going on sale last year, it’s been out of stock for the last couple of months – until the middle of last week.  Yes, it’s available again, but only in a limited number of countries, including the UK, Germany, and the US.

I decided to order from the UK, as I have both a UK credit card and family in England who could receive and forward on the phone. The ordering process itself takes place on the Google Play Store, but I had to access the store using a UK VPN/proxy in order to view the Nexus product range. I already have a paid VPN service, but if you search Google I’m sure you can find a free one (some people suggest using Tunnel Bear).

If you don’t have a UK address, then you may also want to try ordering for delivery to Parcel Motel, who have a UK address in Northern Ireland, but will let you pick up from any of their locations in the republic.

The crazy thing about jumping through all these hoops to get the phone delivered to the UK, is that that the Nexux 4 actually gets dispatched from the Google offices in Dublin. However they won’t deliver direct to a republic address, and so my phone had to travel from Dublin, to England, and back to Dublin.

I ordered it last Wednesday, it was dispatched on Thursday, and arrived in England on Friday. It then went straight back in the post, and arrived back in Dublin yesterday.  We had a slightly anxious wait for it to arrive back in Ireland, as the Royal Mail will not insure mobile phones sent through the post for more than £50 – so it if had been lost en route, I’d have been out of pocket.

Anyway, so the phone did arrive, and my fiancée is delighted with her early Valentine’s gift. And I have to admit, it’s a lovely phone. The screen quality is fantastic, it’s very responsive, and the latest version of Android (4.2 “Jelly Bean”) has some great features. Indeed, I was tempted for a while to defect away from my beloved iPhone. And at such a good price, it’s hard to argue against it.

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Black Friday

For one day only, Apple are having a sale in their Irish online store, with various offers, including €100 off a MacBook, and €11 off an iPod Nano. If you were planning to buy any Apple kit, then today might be a good day to do it, as it’s not common to find discounted Apple products.
The day after Thanksgiving (today) in the United States is commonly known as Black Friday, and many retailers have one day sales. It’s not so common, however, for the Black Friday sales to apply outside of the US.

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