Holidays are coming

With the end of term just a couple of weeks away, it’s not long till the summer break.

There’s no tour this year, so the choir are getting a full eight weeks off without any singing duties. And although I’m certainly going to miss the music (and the social aspects of the choir) during the break, I’m also quite keen on the idea of reclaiming my weekends.

I’ve already got two long weekends planned during July and August, and no-doubt I’ll fit in a few other short trips. But I don’t think I’ll fit in a proper holiday this summer – I just don’t have the money for it. Flights and accommodation are just so expensive at this time of year. Indeed, it’s the same old problem that teachers and parents have been complaining since the beginning of time – that holiday prices shoot up during the school holidays.

Oh well, I guess I just might have to prevail upon the (hopefully generous) hospitality of friends and family for this summer, and maybe slip a quick week away in the sun during the October half-term.

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