For the first time since I started singing at the cathedral, I’m making the effort this evening to go and hear another church choir in the city.

I’m also feeling the need to recharge my Anglo-Catholic batteries with a bit of high-church worship too. And luckily it’s the feast of Corpus Christi this evening, so I’m rather hoping there’ll be a huge procession of the Blessed Sacrament (under canopy, of course) around the church.

I didn’t grow up in the Anglo-Catholic tradition, but stumbled upon it somewhat by accident in later life. And since then, I’ve grown to love the sumptuous imagery cultivated in the high-church rituals. For me, it makes for a much more spiritual experience in church, and (handily) provides the perfect backdrop for presenting equally-sumptuous sacred music.

I’ve not been to this particular church before – nor have I heard their choir – but I did check out their web site a couple of days ago, and the music list seems quite promising – a bit of Viennese splendor and some French late-romantic music. Who could ask for more?