New Year

Gosh – look at that… it’s September tomorrow. Where did the summer go?

Those lazy Sunday mornings with nothing to do were certainly a welcome novelty for a while there, but I guess that – just like every other cathedral lay clerk out there – I’d better dust down my vocal chords and prepare myself for the start of a new term.

The holidays – such as they were with the dreadful weather we all had this year in the British Isles – are now over, and most of the cathedral choirs will be starting back over the next week.

Frightened-looking young boys and girls will be joining treble lines, equally frightened-looking choral and organ scholars will be finding their feet, seasoned lay clerks will be re-establishing their routine, and directors of music up and down the country will be bracing themselves for yet another year of blood, sweat, and tears in the year ahead.

And why do we all do it? Well I guess there’s any number of personal motivations, but at the heart of it we love all share a passion for church music.