More problems

The farce continues with the NTL DVR installation. Following two failed installs on Monday and Tuesday this week, I was assured on Tuesday afternoon that a DVR would definitely be installed “first thing tomorrow morning” (Wednesday).

Well it’s now Wednesday afternoon, and guess what? Yup, you got it. Nobody came, and the number of failed appointments reaches three (or four, if you also count the missed Broadband install on Saturday).

So I called NTL (I know the number from memory now), and they told me that no appointment was made for this morning, and that my DVR was booked in for Friday afternoon – which was news to me – but not much of a surprise. After all, almost nothing that NTL tells me ever seems to match reality. I’ve had several promises made to me over the last week, and not one of them has been kept. And at the moment, I have very little faith that anyone will arrive on Friday either.

What I should do, of course, is cancel my service with NTL. They’ve messed me around more than any sane person could stand. But I don’t want to go elsewhere. I just want NTL to install the services I asked for.

2 thoughts on “More problems

  1. Just a thought – you might want to phone them tomorrow morning to confirm that they have an appointment. And be sure to note the exact time of the call, and the name of the person you spoke to.

  2. Thanks Paul – I will do that, but the chances are I’ll be told something completely different again.
    Anyway, to add confusion to an already-confused situation, a guy turned up today at 4.00pm with my DVR – at a time when there was no appointment. So at least it’s installed now.
    All that remains is the Broadband, which is currently scheduled for Friday morning. Let’s see what happens.

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