Face Fuzz

It all got a bit too itchy last night, so I shaved it off. However within just 12 days I had managed to grow quite an impressive amount of face fuzz.

It hadn’t been a planned thing. I had gone away for New Year, and had simply forgotten to pack my razor. And being a bit of tight-arsed penny pincher, I resisted the urge to buy a new one. So while I was away I let it grow – and then came back to Dublin and let it continue, to see if I liked it.

I must admit, there was rather too much grey in the beard for my liking. And with some (albeit well-meaning) comments from friends saying I looked ‘distinguished’, I felt it made me look even older than I normally do. Of course some other so-called friends also said that I looked like an axe-murderer – which wasn’t what I was hoping for either.

Anyway, so the beard has gone. I got home last night and realised that I had been scratching at my chin all evening. I had thought that if I just left it grow a bit longer the itching would stop, but it appeared to get worse over time. And so it went.