Twelve drummers drumming

As it’s 12th night tonight, I suppose I should extract my digit and finish taking the Christmas tree down. I already stripped the decorations off just before dinner, but I think I might leave the lights on it when I pack it away in it’s box (it’s a plastic tree).

This year’s timely activity on the last day of Christmas is a distinct improvement upon a couple of years ago, when the tree remained in the corner of front room till the end of February – and the garland on the mantelpiece stayed in place all year! Luckily they were both plastic too, else they would no-doubt have turned quite brown and started to smell.

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  1. Thank you Richard for making Christmas very special!! We both loved being with you and enjoying the festivities “Dublin style”. All in all we have thoroughly enjoyed both Christmas and New Year and feel that it bodes well for a good 2008 all round.
    We hope that you and those around you achieve everything they wish for in the coming year.


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