Productivity Leap

The impending start of my new day job on Monday has rather focussed my mind.

All those little jobs, that I’ve hitherto been putting off, now have to fit within the last few remaining days of freedom. And so, overnight, I’ve suddenly become rather busy.

I’ll not bore you with the various jobs that I’ve got to complete, but yesterday I ended up doing a 12-hour day – from 10.00am to midnight – with only a two hour break in the middle to share a cup of tea with a friend and grab some dinner.

I’m certainly not used to this level of activity. Indeed for the last few weeks, I’ve managed to lose most of the day watching trashy daytime TV shows. And any jobs that have needed doing have taken about 3-4 times as long as usual, if they’ve even been done at all.

I guess the old saying holds true; that if you want something doing, then always ask a busy person. Because, with too much time on your hands, you become awfully unproductive.

A simple task like doing laundry can (including extended procrastination time) expand to last all day; so that you end up getting very little done.