Asus Eee PC 900

I’ve been thinking about buying one of these Eee PC 900 laptops for the last week or so, because it’s so small and cheap, and would be perfect to carry around with me for a bit of casual web surfing and email.

I love my MacBook dearly, but it does get a bit heavy to carry after a while. Anyway, so I’ve been hunting around all the online retailers, and they all seem to be out of stock. And I suspect it’s down to the fact that a new model is about to be announced, and so the manufacturer has stopped making them.

The new model – the Eee PC 901 – is expected to be announced in early June, and sports the new Intel Atom processor, which is meant to be a lot more power efficient – thus giving the machine a longer running time when battery powered.

I spoke to a customer service representative from on Friday, and despite the claim on their website that the 20GB Linux White model will be back in stock in 3-4 days, they’re actually not expecting any more deliveries until mid June.

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  1. Almost 10 years on, and I still have this netbook computer. I don’t use it, but it still runs perfectly well with Windows 7 installed. Netbooks were rather superseded by tablets in the following years, and more recently by larger-screened smartphones.


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