Techno Lust

I’m suffering from a bout of techno-lust at the moment — the uncontrollable need to go out and spend huge amounts of cash on amazing bits of technology.
It was sparked off by a friend of mine who recently returned from the US with a sub-notebook sized Sony Vaio laptop. It’s a real thing of beauty – albeit a pink thing of beauty – but my friend’s quite a pink girl, so that’s okay.

And it’s not that laptop that I desire. No, my love of all things Apple means that I only have eyes for the MacBook Air, the super-svelte laptop that grabbed the headlines when it launched earlier this year. Okay, so they’re mega-expensive, with prices starting at €1,699; they have a relatively slow processor; and a pretty small and slow disk drive — but despite all that, I *really* want one.

This issue is also clouded somewhat by the promise of an upcoming business trip to America some time in the next few months. That would give me the ideal opportunity to purchase the machine more cheaply. And who can resist a bargain, eh?

Well, I don’t know. This dream may just be that little bit too far out of my reach. And I may have to resort to another product to satisfy my techno-lust… namely, one of those miniature Eee computers. I don’t know much about them at the moment, but they look quite dinky, and I think they are a much more affordable purchase.

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  1. There appear to be rumours circulating at the moment, that Apple are about to announce some new products in June. One is suspected to be the 3G version of the iPhone – but another seems to be a larger-screened device similar to the iPhone, or perhaps a smallish tablet.
    If this ‘other’ tablet machine appears as expected, it may be suitable enough for my mobile computing needs, and I might be able to shift my focus away from the MacBook Air.


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