This afternoon at Christ Church, we celebrated the ordination of 3 deacons within the diocese. This is the first of two ordination services taking place in the cathedral; the second of which being the ordination of priests next Sunday.

Both the services are quite special in their own way. However, for me the ordination of deacons seems like the more significant occurrence for those involved, as it’s the culmination of years of study and preparation, and it’s also the process that marks the final transformation of ordinary people to members of the clergy.

And as such, it was great today to have so many people in the congregation; there to support these people as they made this big step. We also had a lots from clergy from all over the diocese and beyond (including the Bishop of Cork) attending the service in support of their new colleagues.
The music for today’s service was:

  • Processional Hymn: At the name of Jesus (Evelyns)
  • Gradual Hymn: I, the Lord of sea and sky (Here I am, Lord)
  • Gospel Fanfare: Tu es Petrus – Duruflé
  • Litany Ending: Agnus Dei – Peter Hurford
  • Hymn: Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire (Veni Creator)
  • Offertory Hymn: O Jesus, I have promised (Wolvercote)
  • Mass Setting: Missa Brevis – Lennox Berkeley
  • Communion Instrumental Piece: Ruach – Anne-Marie O’Farrell ‡
  • Communion Motet: Tu es Petrus – Robert Pearsall
  • Communion Motet: Holy is the True Light – Harris
  • Post-Communion Hymn: Pour out thy Spirit from on high (Warrington)
  • Voluntary: Toccata from Vième Symphonie – Widor

‡ piece for three wind instruments, written specially for today’s service by one of the ordinands.

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