I forgot that is the UK

Was just reading on the blog of Kimberley Larkin about how she had attended the ordination service yesterday, and was most amused by this section:

Afterwards, I was down in the (c. 1030!) crypt getting tea when a young man in a long red robe came up and introduced himself. His robe had a clerical collar and I automatically assumed he was a priest (and then forgot I was in a Church of Ireland cathedral and assumed he was wholly being friendly ;). He was from England and is one of the choir members (hence the medieval robes), which is all good and well but: the fascinating part was when he asked if I’d been to the UK. Yes, I said, a week in Scotland and one in Northern Ireland. He paused, puzzled. “Northern Ireland?” Yes, I said. “Oh, I forgot that is the UK.”

Thankfully this shocking ignorance of geography is not representative of the vast majority of the choir, and I shall be making enquiries to find out who this was.

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