MacBook Hard Disk Replacement

Last night I performed a hard disk upgrade on my Apple MacBook. The original 60GB disk that came with the machine has always been woefully inadequate from the start – particularly as I have about 64GB of music files alone. And so, up until now, I’ve always had to store my media files on an external drive.
The upgrade was inspired by various tutorials available on the net, and is made especially painless by the OS X Leopard backup tool Time Machine, which enables an easy restoration of files onto the next disk.
You can use any 2.5inch SATA disk drive as a replacement. I bought myself a 250GB drive from a local computing shop for just under €100, but you can probably get larger and cheaper drives online.
The physical swap over of the drive only takes about 5 minutes. Just follow the instructions in the online tutorals. But you might need several hours to restore the data onto the new disk afterwards. In my case, I had to partition the disk (using the Disk Utility on the Leopard install DVD), and install OS X onto the disk (taking about an hour), before restoring all my applications and files from the Time Machine backup – which took another couple of hours.