Dublin Bikes

Just spotted the advertising for the new Dublin bike rental scheme – called, funnily enough, Dublin Bikes – which is due to be launched on 13th September.

With some 450 bikes available in 40 different locations in the city centre, users can take a cycle for free for up to 30 minutes, and after that it’s only 50 cents per half hour.

One thought on “Dublin Bikes

  1. If you haven’t yet had a go on one of the new bikes, then I recommend it. They’re really handy for zipping around the city centre.
    I was lucky, in that I managed to get hold of the iPhone App before it was pulled due to the threat of legal action – although the information on the number of bikes available at each station is available on your mobile by visiting dublinbikes.mobi instead.
    My only frustration now is that the network of stations is not large enough. I would love them to expand into some of the inner-suburbs – or more specifically, have stations near to where I live and work – and then I could ditch my own bike and use DBs all the time.

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