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We don’t often get anyone knocking on the door. We’re in what I like to call a “gated community” – in that an electronic fob is required to get through the gate into the grounds of the apartments, and again to get into the lift/stairs – and so visitors have to call on the intercom or phone when they arrive, to be let in.

And so, when there was a knock on the door earlier today, I assumed it must be one of our neighbours. But no – it was a salesman – and he must have persuaded one of the other residents to let him in. I’ve flatly refused to let other salespeople into the apartments in the past, as I hate the concept of being doorstepped with a hard sell.

Anyway, so this guy was from Airtricity, and he was trying to persuade me to switch electricity suppliers to them. He asked if I had a recent electricity bill that I could show them, and he would explain how much money I could save. I declined, but he kept talking, trying to persuade me to play along – reminding me why I hate this kind of selling.

The thing is, I’d been considering moving my supply to Airtricity anyway, as they have the cheapest prices on the market at the moment, and are a good way for eco-agnostics like myself to feel a bit better about saving the planet, without any of the down sides of being properly green (such as putting in any effort). I even had the company’s website loaded up on one of my browser tabs. But this recent visitation has put me right off the company, and I may well end up going with Bord Gais instead, just on principal.

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