Time for a new bike?

My bicycle is broken, again.

On my ride home from work today I heard a distinctly loud clunk, and stopped to find that the rear wheel was way out of line and rubbing against the brakes and frame. And at first thought, I guessed it must be a broken spoke or two, but I checked them and they all seemed fine. So I looked a bit more, and eventually spotted the wheel axle itself was broken. A disc of metal had broken off, and all this lubricant stuff was leaking out, and you could see the ball bearings popping out.

It’s yet another repair that I have to deal with. The bike itself was pretty cheap – but with the amount of money I’ve spent on it since then, replacing and repairing various bit, I’ve probably doubled the original outlay. And there’s only so long that I’ll be prepared to throw good money after bad.

I had been pondering the idea of a new bike for a few of weeks anyway, and I guess today’s problem is helping to focus my mind. I have an idea about the kind of bike I want to get, and I’m rather hoping that my employer with embrace the Irish government’s Bike to Work tax-efficient scheme, as it would give me a significant discount.

And until I decide whether to go for a new bike, I’m rather loathed to get the old one fixed. After all, I sense this repair might cost a few quid, and if I then tried to sell the bike on second-hand, I doubt that I’d get that money back. And so, I guess I’m back to being a pedestrian again for a few days.

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  1. Richard Bloomfield 28th September 2009 at 11:32 am

    Having set my heart on buying a new bike, I’m now in a dilemma. My employer has confirmed that they are going to support the Bike To Work scheme (which could save up to 47% off the cost of a new bike), but that they’re not bringing it in till next year.
    I have the options of:
    1) Stopping riding for 3+ months, and buy the new bike next year.
    2) Spend money getting my old bike fixed, and revisit the idea of a new bike next year.
    3) Bite the bullet, and pay full-cost for a new bike now – missing out on the 47% discount – which could equate to a couple of hundred euro.


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