If you’re in the market for a second-hand bicycle, need some bike repair training, or even just need some space and tools to do some repairs, then Rothar is for you.
Situated on the Phibsborough Road D7, they are a community project that takes donated old bikes (as well as abandoned bikes from around the city) and renovates them in their workshop; selling them on second-hand at a very reasonable price.
I really love the concept, because it promotes recycling and reuse, sustainable transport, and community-based education.
I just wish my new bike would hurry up and arrive in the shop, so that I can donate my existing ride to the project.

One thought on “Rothar

  1. Rothar also have a new Cafe that’s opened up on Fade Street, just along from the Market Bar. You should stop by for some yummy cake and a cup of tea – and if you happen to have a bike problem as well, they can fix it while you relax. It’s the perfect solution if you get a puncture in town!

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