Journey Times by Bike

One of the major advantages of commuting by bicycle is that the journey time stays pretty-much the same all year round – varying only by a minute or two. My car-driving colleagues, in contract, long for the school holidays when the roads quieten down and they can cut their travel time by as much as 50%!

I think most of the Irish schools have now finished for the Easter holidays, and so the car drivers are probably rejoicing. For the next couple of weeks there’ll be noticeably less congestion, and easier and less stressful journeys. This is, unless it snows. I saw on the news this morning that one place in Scotland had record temperatures of 23 degrees last week, and it’s now covered in 8 inches of snow – and that weather could possibly end up in Ireland too.

Whenever there’s even a hint of snow in Dublin, the traffic goes into instant gridlock. People can sit for hours, crawling along at a snail’s pace. In many cases, they’d be better off walking. But on a bike, although you have to be a bit more careful than normal, there’s nothing stopping you riding in the snow. It may add a few minutes to your journey, but nothing like the hours and hours car drivers will lose – and while they’re still queuing to get out of the office car park, you can be home in front of the fire with a nice cup of tea!