Belfast Bikes

It was announced just last week that Belfast is to get a bike sharing scheme similar to Dublin Bikes. Around £700,000 will be spent installing 300 bikes at 30 docking stations around the city.

With the Dublin Bikes scheme seemingly going from strength to strength – with over 66,000 long-term subscribers, and over 3 million bike rentals since launch – I can only hope that the new scheme in the north will as well!

Meanwhile, plans are apparently afoot to treble the size of the Dublin Bikes scheme (see Irish Times story) from 500 to 1,500 bikes! The number of docking stations will also grow from 44 to 100 – expanding east towards the docklands, and west towards Heuston station.

And that’s just the first phase of a 5-year expansion plan to get towards 5,000 bikes and 300 docking stations!