Moving story

We moved house last night!

We only started house hunting just two weeks ago, but the rental market in Dublin seems to move incredibly fast! And so it took us just 14 days to view a few place, find somewhere we love, process an application and get references, pay a deposit, pack up all our belongings, and move into our new home.

The packing bit was the hardest, as we had to fit it around work and numerous other commitments.  And it doesn’t help with me being a bit of a hoarder!  However, I did summon up the courage to finally cull my extensive collection of books, which I’ve dutifully carted from house to house over the years, but not actually had the time to read!

The move itself was relatively painless.  It took two hours to transfer all our stuff to the new place.  Instead of hiring a van for the day, we used VanTasks – a man-with-a-van service – to shift all the stuff.  It worked out at about the same price as hiring a self-drive van for a day, but you get the advantage of an extra pair of hands to do all the heavy lifting!  I’ve used these guys twice now, and would thoroughly recommend them.

The only problem now, though, is that all out stuff is still in bags and boxes.  We only finished moving at 9pm last night, and by the time we ate some dinner, we just wanted to get to bed. And so it was fun and games this morning trying to find some clean clothes for work.

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