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I’m just home from a lovely holiday in Cyprus. We flew in and out of Larnaca airport, and hired a car through Avis. Unfortunately, neither Avis nor Hertz have allocated space in the airport car parks, and so share a compound outside the airport grounds. It’s a 5-minute minibus ride away, and they provide the transfer 24 hours a day.

When you arrive, you can safely ignore all the permanently-installed car rental booths on your left. Avis and Hertz have separate temporary structures to the right (as you exit) of the arrivals hall. The people in the airport don’t handle anything to do with the rental – they just direct you out of the building to the pickup point, and call the driver to come and collect you.

As you exit the arrivals hall turn right, and follow the footpath on a slight uphill. You pass the queue of taxi drivers, and look for a large road sign (painted grey on the back), and wait in the small carpark just beyond. There are no signs indicating the pickup point, but the minibus when it arrives is clearly marked.

The minibus will take you out of the airport to the compound where Avis and Hertz are based. When you arrive there will be staff on hand to process your booking. Take careful note of where you are when you drive off, because when it comes to returning the car you’ll need to know where to go.

We had trouble finding the location again, because we had arrived in Cyprus in the middle of the night, and Avis don’t provide a map showing their location (Hertz do). And so, when we returned the car, we had no choice but to drive into the airport, jump out, and run to the Avis desk in the arrivals lounge to get directions. That’s not ideal, so I thought I’d put together a Google map showing the location of the Avis and Hertz compound, for future travellers to reference: Larnaca Airport Avis Hertz Car Rental

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One other thing is that we were told that it’s mandatory to pre-purchase a tank full of fuel when you take out the rental. The car comes filled up, and you’re meant to return it empty – which is harder to judge than you might imagine. The price they charge for the tank of fuel also seems pretty high, so be warned!

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  1. your Hertz avis location is not correct ,its on next parking lot than shown on you map..where is skylink executive terminal



    Hi Richard, I have also rented a car from Avis. Same deal when I got to the airport and I had spent Euro360+ on a 4×4. Got given a Chevrolet and drove to my hotel in Limassol. Everything was fine until the following day when, having been for dinner in town, I noticed the power starting to drop so that my speed decreased. Managed to get back to the hotel that night and the following morning it seemed fine again. However when I went out the following day the same thing happened, only more so. I called and told them that I was actually going to Larnaca to pick up my wife from the airport that evening and they said they would bring it in. When I got there, despite having 3 cars that were the same as mine they said I couldn’t have any of them as they were booked out and would have to settle a Citroen Picasso. I said that I had paid for a 4×4 and didn’t want a massive Picasso – despite them telling me that it was more expensive than the car I had paid for. They said they would deliver a 4×4 to the hotel the following day, but when I called they said there had been a mistake and it had been delivered to Larnaca airport – 50km away! I am still waiting for my car (i.e. the one I paid a lot for) to be delivered but every time I call they come up with another story as to why its been delayed. I am sick of the way they have treated me and would recommend that NOBODY uses this company out here. It has been a disaster and given the money I spent, a complete rip off. Renter beware!


  3. would u kindly send me the pictures and the prices of your rented cars please


  4. Thank you for you information! It is more detail than the official Avis car rental website! Thanks!!


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