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I’ve spent the last week or so consolidating my web hosting accounts into one place, with my supplier of choice Hosting Ireland. As well as cutting down the administration overhead, it’s also going to save me some money.

I also didn’t realise, until I started the process, how many different domain names I own.  They were spread out over different domain registrars and hosting providers, and many of them are no longer in active use, but I like to keep hold of them – you know – just in case!  In total I have six domain names for my own personal use:

  • richardbloomfield.ie – My current blog, which has a rather snazzy Irish domain.
  • richardbloomfield.com – My so-called “professional” web site – not much on it.
  • bloomfield.me.uk – My old blog (now defunct), which forwards to my .com
  • layclerk.org – An old blog about cathedral music (now defunct), which also forwards to my .com
  • louiseandrichard.info – Our new wedding website – still under construction at the time of writing, but feel free to check it out!
  • bike.io – A new venture I’m trying out, to try and put together a cycling related information portal. Have tried writing a few articles, but the site doesn’t appear to be attracting any visitors.

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2 Replies to “Web Hosting”

  1. I also just acquired bloomfield.info as an addition domain. I can’t stop!


  2. And I’ve just registered bloomfield.xyz today, to add to the pile. Oh, and I’m also using dublinbikeblog.com as a replacement for bike.io


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