Women Bishops

In the Anglican Communion there have been women bishops consecrated in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Southern Africa and the United States.  The following provinces have also voted to allow women bishops, but have yet to consecrate one: Bangladesh, Brazil, Central America, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, North India, Philippines, Scotland, Sudan and Uganda.  Source: Wikipedia

The Church of England, however, voted yesterday to disallow women bishops. The vote was somewhat divided, as all the ordained people (bishops and priests) voted in favour of women bishops, and the non-ordained people (laity) voted against it – and under general synod rules all three houses (bishops, priests, and laity) must approve a vote by a two-thirds majority.

It seems that there is a sizable minority of church-goers in England who – for some reason or other – can’t stand the idea of their bishop being a woman.  I can’t understand it myself.  What has gender got to do with how well someone can perform their role?