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cathedral_purpleIt was back in 1998 that I set up and launched the Anglican Church Music web site, as a place to record all the website links to cathedral and church choirs that I had amassed.

Today, some 15 years later, the site is still active, but under the control of John Watkins.  He very graciously agreed to take over the maintenance and development on the site, as at the time I was too busy to do it justice.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been involved in the site. I was only involved in the first couple of years, and so I had all but forgotten about its existence – until I happened upon it again quite recently.

The current design isn’t that much different from the original site, which was hand-coded with my clunky self-taught HTML. And when I look through the site I can’t help but feel nostalgic to those early days of the web. Because back in 1998, there were only just over 100,000 .uk web sites in existence – whereas today there are over 10 million uk domains registered.

Also to put that in context, during the same period Google went from being a Stanford University research project (accessible through the domain to one of the biggest brands in the world turning over $38 billion!

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  1. Greetings! Only yesterday I discovered the ACM site – I had been looking for something like it for some time. I was looking for some means pf contact and chat with clergy and others associated in some way with what I’ve been doing for some thirty years now – writing words for congregational and choral signing. (Classical style only.) I registered but so far had no acknowledgement. Very few people are using it now; the plethora of dates like 2007, 2009, etc suggest a slow death. A great shame. It was a brilliant idea. I’m planning to get one or two people interested in starting up a similar site here in England. RSCM, Jubilate, etc.


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