BluAmp – HiFi Amp with Bluetooth

Have you heard of Kickstarter? It’s a crowd-funding website, whereby people can support creative projects by pledging money to help get a new product or service off the ground.

For a technology fan and early-adopter like me, it’s a great place to check out ideas for new products, and potentially get access to those gadgets ahead of the general market. And one thing that’s taking my fancy at the moment is the BluAmp – a bluetooth enabled hifi amplifier.

Picture of the BluAmp bluetooth hifi amplifier on Kickstarter

BluAmp Bluetooth Amplifier

I quite like the idea of a simple piece of hifi equipment that I could hook up to speakers, and then stream music from my MacBook/iPad/iPhone from anywhere in the room. Using wires to plug-in a device is a bit clunky and inconvenient, and so an amplifier that uses a bluetooth stream seems like a great idea.

I currently do some music streaming over wifi, using the AirPlay feature of an Airport Express, but that relies upon several different bits of technology (wifi router, airport express and hifi amp) all playing nicely together, and my experience shows they sometimes don’t.

The big draw for me about the BluAmp is its simplicity. I already have a decent pair of hifi speakers sat at home not being used, and I could plug them directly into the back of the BluAmp and have music straight away from my phone – or any other bluetooth enabled device I had to hand.

Of course, the BluAmp – or any other Kickstarter project – only gets built if it reaches its funding goal. And at the time of writing it’s only half way there, so it may not happen. But there’s another 2 weeks to go, and it looks like they only need around another 75 supporters to reach their target.

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  1. Hello! richardbloomfield!

    these HiFi Amp’s look AWSOME I love this new hifi I can only speak from my experience from HiFi systems.  I recently purchase nice hifi system here and I LOVE them. I use these all them mainly for movies, They blow me away .. You have to hear it to understand the submersion factor is incredible!!.. I love it!!  I can sync different devices on and off them very easily all at one time, And since they’re wireless I can move them around easily for diifrent effects if I want to game or etc… I never tried these particular ones but I’m all ears So yea I really mike this new HiFi Stuff! wouldn’t trade them!!


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