Data Roaming Costs in Europe

I’m due to go away this weekend, and like any smartphone user, I want to stay connected. But as I’m leaving Ireland, what are my mobile data options?

The following prices are accurate as of now (information from each network’s web site):

  • Meteor – on both billpay and prepay it costs 86 cents per MB when roaming in Europe, or you can buy a 50MB bundle that lasts for 30 days for €19.99.
  • O2 – the same 86 cents per MB, or 51 cents per MB if you sign up to a billpay promotion, or also on billpay you can buy a daily allowance of 25MB for €2.
  • Vodafone – the same 86 cents per MB, or a bundle of 50MB per day for €2.
  • Three – if you’re going to a country with another Three network, then you can use Three Like Home and not pay anything extra for data – it comes out of your existing bundle.

I’m not entirely sure why the Meteor bundle seems so expensive in comparison to the others. I know their bundle lasts for a month, as opposed to the daily bundles of O2 and Vodafone, but I suppose if you’re away for more than 10 days then the 30 day bundle would save you money if your daily usage was light.

Of course, if you can avail of the Three Like Home offer then you get charged as if you were still in Ireland – so if you have a data bundle at home, your usage abroad comes out of that.