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It’s not easy getting hold of a Google Nexus 4 in Ireland. It’s not on sale here, from Google, or from any of the mobile networks. So you need to be a bit creative to get your hands on it.

The Nexus 4 has been getting some amazing reviews in the tech press. It’s pretty much the best Android phone on the market at the moment, but at less than half the price of the competition.

The cheapest iPhone 5 costs €679, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 is about the same price – but the Nexus 4 starts at £239 (€276) £159 / €184 (*Updated price) SIM-free direct from the Google Play store. That’s amazing value for such a good phone!

Of course, getting hold of one is another matter. Since going on sale last year, it’s been out of stock for the last couple of months – until the middle of last week.  Yes, it’s available again, but only in a limited number of countries, including the UK, Germany, and the US.

I decided to order from the UK, as I have both a UK credit card and family in England who could receive and forward on the phone. The ordering process itself takes place on the Google Play Store, but I had to access the store using a UK VPN/proxy in order to view the Nexus product range. I already have a paid VPN service, but if you search Google I’m sure you can find a free one (some people suggest using Tunnel Bear).

If you don’t have a UK address, then you may also want to try ordering for delivery to Parcel Motel, who have a UK address in Northern Ireland, but will let you pick up from any of their locations in the republic.

The crazy thing about jumping through all these hoops to get the phone delivered to the UK, is that that the Nexux 4 actually gets dispatched from the Google offices in Dublin. However they won’t deliver direct to a republic address, and so my phone had to travel from Dublin, to England, and back to Dublin.

I ordered it last Wednesday, it was dispatched on Thursday, and arrived in England on Friday. It then went straight back in the post, and arrived back in Dublin yesterday.  We had a slightly anxious wait for it to arrive back in Ireland, as the Royal Mail will not insure mobile phones sent through the post for more than £50 – so it if had been lost en route, I’d have been out of pocket.

Anyway, so the phone did arrive, and my fiancée is delighted with her early Valentine’s gift. And I have to admit, it’s a lovely phone. The screen quality is fantastic, it’s very responsive, and the latest version of Android (4.2 “Jelly Bean”) has some great features. Indeed, I was tempted for a while to defect away from my beloved iPhone. And at such a good price, it’s hard to argue against it.

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  1. Hi Richard,

    I am considering buying the nexus 4. Do you know if you can use a sim card from any company in ireland?



  2. The Nexus 4 uses the micro-SIM (the same one as used by the iPhone 4/5). If you have a normal sized SIM already then your network should swap it out free of charge. Meteor gave me a micro-SIM to take home, and all it took was a quick phone call to customer care the next day to swap the mobile account from the old SIM to the new one.


  3. hi Richard,
    i would really love a nexus 4, have the nexus 10 and think its a great tablet. just can you tell me how the Parcel Hotel works? i don’t really understand it, do you send it to Belfast say, and you go collect it?


  4. I’ve not used Parcel Motel myself, but I got the following from their web site: They have two addresses that you can use for getting stuff delivered – one in Finglas and another in Newtownabbey in the north – and regardless of which address you use, the parcel will be forwarded on to your local ‘locker’ for your collection (see their website for locations of the lockers). So if you live in Dublin and want to order the Nexus 4, which must be delivered to a UK address, then you use the Newtownabbey address, and the package will be forwarded to your nominated locker in Dublin.

    I’ve also heard that Google match the billing address associated with your credit/debit card to the delivery address on your order – and if they don’t match, they cancel the order. Some people suggest that you might have to get your bank to change your billing address to the Parcel Motel address (temporarily, of course – remember to set it back!) for the order to go through.


  5. Hi richard,

    if you order the phone off the american google play store, will it still work with an irish micro sim? or do you have to order it from a european country for it to work in Ireland?


  6. Spotted today that have the Nexus 4 on sale for €379 (8GB) and €419 (16GB), which is a significant mark-up on the Google prices. See


  7. My nexus 4 won’t switch on when I ring the helpline I get put through to American do you have a UK telephone number.


  8. The Nexus support pages list the following helpline phone number for UK customers: 0800 328 6081


  9. Thanks Richard be aware that when you ring this number you are actually speaking to someone in the US & not the UK – cost me a fortune. I contacted LG in UK who told me any problems with Nexus 4 in Ireland will be fixed by who have places in Dublin, Cork & Limerick and it will be fixed free of charge if phone has not been dropped or damaged by water. Anyway my problem fixed itself but thought I would post to save people running up bill thinking they are talking to Google UK.


  10. You can buy directly from Ireland at But it is more expensive.


  11. Looks like Google have just dropped the prices of the Nexus 4 on the UK store by £80. The 8GB has dropped from £239 to £159, and the 16GB has dropped from £279 to £199. An even bigger bargain!


  12. The Nexus 5 is now available, and I ordered one yesterday. Here’s how I did it:


  13. Hi Richard, will the Nexus 5 work 100% on the 02 network if i buy it sim free from cpw in Northern Ireland?


  14. […] Nexus phones for a couple of years, and have written in the past about getting my hands on a Nexus 4 and a Nexus 5 before they were available in Ireland. And like of lot of other fans, I was quite […]


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