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As a fan of the author, I’ve been waiting for the latest Stuart MacBride book Close to the Bone to be published, and it eventually came out a couple of weeks ago.

So I rushed on to Amazon to buy it for my Kindle, because I’m just about to finish another book, and need something to read.

However, when I go on the site, I see that the Kindle edition costs £9.99, where as the hardback edition is only £7.00. So the electronic version, which you might reasonably think would cost less to produce, is £3 or 42% more expensive!

The justification for the price discrepancy is that eBooks are subject to VAT, whereas paper books are zero-rated. This, of course, is madness, because they’re essentially the same thing but in a different format – and the EU should sort out that mess sooner rather than later.

So, as it stands, I’m not going to buy the book, as I feel I’m getting ripped off.  Although hopefully over time Amazon might decide to discount the Kindle book to a reasonable price, in which case I’ll think again.

2 thoughts on “VAT on eBooks

  1. Yeah, I saw the stories about how Amazon are charging customers 20% VAT but only paying VAT at 3% – but also a story about how the EU are forcing France and Luxembourg to up their discounted VAT rate on eBooks to the same as the rest of europe.

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