Cloning Remote Control Fobs

In my apartment block there’s an underground car park that’s accessed using a remote-control key fob. We have one allocated car parking spot down there, and as such the management company for the block only issued us with one key fob.

My wife uses the key fob for her car, but I also have a requirement to get in and out of the car park, because that’s where I lock up my bicycles.

When we moved in around 18 months ago I approached the management company of the apartments to try and get a second remote control. And despite me explaining the situation, they refused to issue another one to me – even though I offered to pay the €70 they said it would cost.

After some discussion they reluctantly agreed to give me a key to the pedestrian gate, which I’ve been using ever since – but the inconvenience of getting off the bike to walk it through the gate is annoying.

But then I was on the internet one day and found that you can buy cloning remote control fobs that can copy existing fobs, they’re less than a ten quid to buy, and they work perfectly!

Remote Control Cloning Key Fob
Remote Control Cloning Key Fob

I got myself one last week from an ebay seller, but they’re also available on Amazon and other places. The initial programming can be tricky to be begin with, but after that it works like a dream.

Obviously in order to clone a key fob you need an existing working fob for the gate/door:

  • To start the programming, press and hold the top two buttons (A and B) together for between 5-10 seconds, until the light blinks rapidly, and then release. This action puts the fob into learning mode, and also wipes any codes already stored on the fob, so if you want to program a new button you have to start again and program them all.
  • Touch the two key fobs together, and press and hold the button you want to program (say the A button) at the same time as the corresponding button on the original fob that you want to clone from. You may need to move the fobs around at different angles to pick up the signal in the cloning fob (end to side seems to work), and when you do the light will flash rapidly to say it’s finished learning. Then simply repeat the process for any other buttons you want to clone.
  • Timing can be an issue during the programming process, as the fob only stays in learning mode for so long – so you need to be fairly quick. Have everything ready to go, and have a few practice goes.
  • I actually stood next to the car park gate to do my programming, so that I could check the original fob was working (it was opening the gate correctly) during the learning process.

If you get into trouble, take a quick search on YouTube for key fob cloning tutorials.  When I first got my fob I thought it wasn’t working, but that’s because I wasn’t programming it correctly.

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6 Replies to “Cloning Remote Control Fobs”

  1. Mark Gallinger 7th May 2014 at 10:13 am

    Cloning process can be tricky as position matters in getting a successful copy, here is a blog post on this I think is helpful –

    Back to back, stick together position always works for me.


  2. If you’re in canada can copy your fob for you!


  3. Can someone help me out.

    I am stuck with 1 fob for a 5 bedroom house.

    It is a rolling code fob and. My locksmith couldn’t grab the code using a salka Air 4.

    Does anyone know how I can clone this fob?


    1. I think you’ll have to find a dealer who sells the specific lock and remote set you’re using, because being a rolling code you can’t just replay it with a cheap radio fob.


  4. We can clone any apartment key fobs! Including remote garage keys. Book an appointment at:


  5. Did someone try this one:
    It seems to look much nicer than this one, and it is a lot cheeper.
    Is there any difference between them? Is one better than the other?


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