UPC Ireland – Horizon Software Update

I wrote back in January about some of the interface problems with the Horizon box, and thankfully some of them seems to have been solved with a recent software update.

  • The general navigation speed seems to have increased
  • The dreaded “Delete Everything” option has been relocated to the depths of a Preference screen, where it can’t cause any damage. No longer will people select it, thinking it means ‘Delete Series’ and then find their DVR completely empty.
  • The much-anticipated “Delete Series” has finally appeared, and works pretty quickly.

I haven’t checked the other problems to see if they’re fixed, but just these few things make the service a bit easier to live with.

Has anyone else seen improvements?

8 thoughts on “UPC Ireland – Horizon Software Update

  1. The wifi signal is still pretty poor, and people would be better off insisting on a separate modem/router for the broadband.

    However, the series link feature is still unreliable, and sometimes even records the same episode twice at the same time, on the standard-definition and HD versions of the same channel (e.g. BBC ONE and BBC ONE HD).

    The programme guide has also improved recently with the feature to skip forward and back a day at a time. Before, if you wanted to see what was on TV a few days in the future, you’d be scrolling through every TV show between now and then.

  2. Diagnostics section doesn’t update the date of the software, even though the customer service people say that there is one available

  3. Hi.
    Our issue is with the Guide function on the Horizon Box. Every couple of weeks the Guide says “No Programme Information Available” and we have to have a Factory Reset. Used to phone Birgin to do it but got fed up with its excuses and now we reset it ourselves. So annoying.

    1. Hi can you tell me if it’s worth changing to the horizon I used to have it a while back had to get rid due to the picture would keep flashing can you tell me if your having anylon issues like this ?

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