Why I won’t by buying the Nexus 6

I’ve been a fan of the Google Nexus phones for a couple of years, and have written in the past about getting my hands on a Nexus 4 and a Nexus 5 before they were available in Ireland. And like of lot of other fans, I was quite excited to learn what was coming next.

The major attraction of the Nexus mobiles is that you were able to get a top-performing phone at a discount price, but with the new Nexus 6 announced yesterday, you’re still getting a top-performing phone but it’s now got a premium price tag attached. And, let’s face it, the screen is way too big!

With the Nexus 6, they have deviated from a winning formula, and potentially upset a lot of fans.  The whole point of getting a Nexus 4 or Nexus 5 was that you could ditch those expensive mobile contracts, buy a reasonably-priced smartphone SIM-free for about €350, and save a fortune over the life of a phone.  The Nexus 6 price is more likely to be cost €650 SIM-free in Ireland – almost double.

It’s interesting that Google still intends to keep selling the Nexus 5, which is still a strongly performing phone, even if it is a year old now. It understands that a lot of people are not interested in the ‘phablet’ sized Nexus 6, and so have kept the Nexus 5 available for sale.

But here’s the thing… I’m an early adopter of technology, and I like to feel that I have the ‘latest and greatest’ technology, and have got used to replacing my mobile every year. But at the moment, I have no upgrade path. I have no motivation to put my hand in my pocket and hand over some money.

So for now, it seems I’ll be keeping hold of my Nexus 5 – which will probably come as bad news to my wife, who had plans to take it off me once I upgraded.

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7 Replies to “Why I won’t by buying the Nexus 6”

  1. You should probably just buy your wife her own Nexus 5 so!


  2. Same boat myself, bought my nexus 5 shortly after reading your post on it last year. It really is an excellent phone. Only phones I would consider changing for would be LG G3 just on spec- bit big for my liking (about €400) these days or htc one m8. – think m8 could edge it just for the battery saving feature. Nexus battery has left me in the lurch more than once!


  3. Thinking the same since I saw the price. Bought the nexus 5 earlier this year but recently changed for the iPhone 6. Having used this now for a few weeks I was definitely interested in heading back to android with the new nexus, but unfortunately not at that price!


    1. Good point Pat. The 16GB Nexus 5 was £299 (€381), but the same sized Nexus 6 is priced £499 (€636). For that price you’re almost better off paying the extra 50 quid and getting an iPhone 6.


  4. Get a OnePlus One :-)


    1. Not a bad idea Nico. The screen size is a little bigger than I was aiming at, but you can’t beat it on value.


  5. Bare in mind the nexus 6 is a workhorse top of the line chip etc, the nexus 5 on release was not. Hence the price. Add a great display, bigger battery , turbo charger etc and it’s a good runner for its 650 price tag that will be future proof for several years.


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