UPC mess up house move disconnection

I’m moving house next weekend, into somewhere that already has UPC service. As such I needed to cancel my UPC at my current address.

To cancel you are required to give 30 days written notice (email to resolutionteam@upc.ie), which I duly did, noting the exact day I wanted to the services to cease.

Unfortunately today they’ve cut me off 9 days early! I have no TV or broadband, and because its Good Friday, there’s almost nobody working in UPC today.

I did speak to someone, and asked for my account to be re-enabled for 9 days. But they say the only way I can get TV and broadband connected is if I sign up to a new 12 month contract, which is ridiculous!

So I’m sat here in complete silence. Can’t watch TV, can’t use broadband. I can’t even download a new book for my Kindle.

They claim to have tried to call me 3 times in the last couple of weeks, to confirm the disconnection, but I never received the calls, or any voice mails asking for me to call back – so they decided to go ahead anyway.

2 thoughts on “UPC mess up house move disconnection

  1. I hope you persisted with them and got a more satisfying customer service! I have had a similar experience with them going ahead with something, and then had a difficult time trying to resolve the issue. We really need to be more proactive and not as passive!
    Thanks for blog

  2. It took a few different phone calls, and a bit of escalation, but eventually I managed to sort out a continuation of service for the remaining 9 days before our move.

    For some reason, they couldn’t reactive the closed account, which I still don’t understand. But they did put me through to the sale team who basically set up the equivalent of a new connection for me – but with the proviso that I wouldn’t be tied into a new 12-month contract.

    The only hassle for me was that on moving day I had to call UPC again to cancel this new connection – but in fairness, they didn’t quibble. I told the customer service guy when I rang to take a minute to read the notes on my account, so that I didn’t have explain the situation, and he processed the disconnection while I was on the phone.

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