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Hailo taxi app has introduced a new friends and family referral discount scheme.

All new customers that make their first journey using the Hailo app and pay by credit/debit card will get a free €5.00 discount off their taxi fare. To get the discount simply use the following promo code when signing up for an account:


The offer is open only to new customers, and applies to the first journey only. A value of €5.00 will automatically be deducted from your taxi fair, and any balance will be charged to your card.

As it’s a referral scheme, I’ll also get a free €5 credit to my account!

Update: On 26th September 2016 Hailo reduced the referral discount from €10 to €5, so I’ve updated this post to reflect the reduced amount. The code still works, but you get a smaller discount.

Update 2: Hailo no longer exists. The app was discontinued when it was bought out by the Daimler owned app MyTaxi. As such, the referral codes no longer work.

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11 Replies to “Hailo Promo Code”

  1. Thanks to the two people that have signed up using this code, I’ve enjoyed two €10 discounts!


  2. Hi, Is the referral code still working? I just signed up and applied it to my Wallet, but it said it didn’t recognize the code?! Thanks.


  3. This code is no longer valid.


    1. Looks like the referral code works again!


  4. Hi,

    Is this Promo code still valid?


    1. Hi Aidan. Yes it works. I have about 3-4 people a week using the referral code.


  5. Thanks! Using this tomorrow :)


  6. This is a pretty good deal.


  7. Try out my promo code



  8. Richard Bloomfield 13th October 2016 at 8:39 am

    Hailo seemed to have halved the value of this referral offer, so it’s now only a €5 credit.


  9. Hailo ceased to exist a few months ago – being replaced with myTaxi. The referral code no longer works.


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