Dublin See.Sense Cycling Data Trial

I signed up to take part in the See.Sense Dublin trial for Smart Dublin, to help collect data on cycling habits and road conditions.

The project uses a special version of the See.Sense ICON bike light, which automatically collects data during bike rides.

This version of the light used for the trial is a back (red) light, and it looks essentially the same as the existing ICON bike lights. However it does have some subtle style changes. There is a blue band around the light (instead of the usual red), and a blue rubber strap for attachment. The back of the light is also grey instead of black.

Participants also need to join the beta version trial for the See.Sense ICON app, and upgrade the firmware of the light to the latest version.

It's a shame that the app doesn't show any details of the data its collecting. I guess I'll just have to wait until Smart Dublin publishes its results in the future.

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2 Replies to “Dublin See.Sense Cycling Data Trial”

  1. I’ve had the light for a couple of days now, and I’m having a bit of trouble with the Bluetooth connection to the phone. I approached see.sense for help, and they got back to me with some things to try, but it still doesn’t seem very stable. And without a Bluetooth connection, the light can’t collect and transmit any data.

    One way to make it connect seems to be to put the smartphone into flight mode for a few seconds, to shut down and re-enable all the wireless signals. They also suggest plugging the light in to charge, and then unplugging it, as a way to reset the light if it becomes unresponsive.


  2. Four months on, and I’m still using this light to track my cycle activity. The Bluetooth problems I used to have seem to have cleared up – I think from an Android update rather than from an App update.


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