Free Revolut cards in Ireland

I just got an email from Revolut to say that they're offering the next 10,000 to sign up in Ireland a free prepaid Mastercard. 

It's apparently to celebrate Revolut opening an office in Ireland. And instead of the usual €6 fee to order the first card on the account, they are going to wave this fee.

Revolut is great for anyone who travels, or who orders anything from abroad. The mobile app-based prepaid credit card offers much better exchange rates than a traditional banks, credit cards, or foreign currency exchanges.

My wife and I used the card extensively on a holiday to the USA a few months back, and must have saved about a hundred euros in currency transfer fees. I also use the card to buy things in pounds sterling from Amazon.

How much can I save?

At the time of writing, buying something from Amazon costing £50 will cost you:

  • €58.07 if you choose to pay in Euros rather than Pounds at the Amazon checkout
  • €57.38 if you pay with a Bank of Ireland card
  • €55.81 is you pay with a Revolut card

I don't know about you, but I'd rather keep that couple of euros difference! 

What other features does it have?

  • Mobile app to control your account
  • Instant loading of funds using your debit/credit card
  • Multiple wallets in different currencies
  • Buy and sell Crypocurrencies
  • Transaction notifications on your phone
  • Premium card option with additional benefits
  • Gadget and travel insurance available
  • Physical and virtual mastercards
  • Security options, and ability to set spending limits and change PIN

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One Reply to “Free Revolut cards in Ireland”

  1. My wife and I use our Revolut cards whenever we travel to non-Euro countries. We have one card each attached to the same account. We load up with funds before we travel, and top-up as we need during a trip. Then when we get home we can transfer any remaining money back into our bank account.

    We’ve never had any problems using the card, and like the fact that we’re saving money on currency conversions. The security features are also a reassurance – so that we can disable one or both cards instantly on the app if we suspect any fraudulent activities.

    The only thing to bear in mind when travelling is that some car hire places put a hold on credit cards of up to a couple of thousand euros – particularly if you have your own hire car excess insurance – and a pre-paid credit card isn’t going to be ideal for that. So you might want to also take a normal credit card with you for that.


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