Irish citizenship

I applied for my Irish citizenship today.

I had been thinking of going through the naturalization process for a number of years now. Although I was born in England, I have made Ireland my home for the last 11 years, and plan to stay here.

The process itself is a little daunting, as there's lots of documentation to gather, 15 pages of forms to fill in, and then there's the fee of over a thousand euros! But I suppose most things that are worth achieving require some effort.

The final process this morning was meeting with a solicitor to have some declarations witnessed and certified copies of official documents made. Then it was off to the post office to send my completed application.

By all accounts it should take around six months to process my application, and one of the complications is that I won't have access to my British passport for the next 6 weeks or so – so I can't travel anywhere.

And with any luck, I'll be attending a citizenship ceremony to swear allegiance to the Irish state some time in the autumn. And after that I can think of applying for an Irish passport.

Progress to date

I'll be keeping my Irish Citizenship page updated with my progress toward becoming Irish.