Spam phone calls from Finland

Over the last couple of days I’ve been receiving loads of spam calls on my mobile phone from the +358 international prefix, which is the country code for Finland.

The phone only rings for a couple of seconds before they hang-up, and I can only presume that the spammers are trying to get missed calls showing up on the phone in the hope that I will call them back – and they can somehow make money from that phone call.

Just make sure you don’t call them back!

I’m guessing that the spammers are targeting Irish numbers because the Finnish country code of 358 and Irish country code of 353 are so similar, and people might think the phone call comes from someone they might know.

The 41 prefix of all of these numbers come from the range of mobile numbers assigned to the network DNA, but I can’t find any reference online to other people having trouble with these numbers.

I know of a few people that would always call back missed calls on their mobiles, even if they don’t recognise the phone number. So I’m going to make sure to warm them about these dodgy calls.

Update: I’ve now started getting the same calls from +46 prefixed numbers in Sweden. Am seriously considering changing my mobile number to get rid them.

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3 Replies to “Spam phone calls from Finland”

  1. Been getting these for the past week, I live in the UK so I don’t think the country code similarity is necessarily the case. Are you still being harassed by these callers or did you find a solution?


    1. Hi Mike. I haven’t been getting any of these spam calls recently. I’m not sure if your telecoms provider can help block numbers if you’re getting calls from the same people all the time. My default is to ignore, and not answer, any number I don’t recognise. Regards, Richard


  2. I am getting them too. So I use an app called Mr Number. Works a treat.


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