Hanging around in waiting rooms

I had a hospital appointment this morning for a regular check-up that was scheduled for 8.30am.

I had received a letter about the appointment a few weeks ago. It said that I was to refrain from eating or drinking from midnight. So I skipped breakfast this morning, and headed off to the hospital. I figured, with such an early appointment, that I’d be seen pretty quickly and be on my way and in the office by 9.30am.

Unfortunately, when I arrived they told me that I had a second appointment for another procedure at 11.30am. I hadn’t been told of this second procedure ahead of time, so I hadn’t made any arrangements to have time off work. Thankfully my boss is very understanding, and she said not to worry and take all the time I needed.

However it did mean that I got to spend a lot of time this morning hanging around in the hospital waiting room, which is without doubt one of the dullest places on the planet.

I did consider at one point trying to entertain myself with some music, but I thought that if I had put my headphones on then I would have probably missed the staff calling my name. So I had to content myself with reading every news website from beginning to end on my phone.

How did we ever pass the time before smartphones? I suppose it was with those well-thumbed and out-of-date magazines that you still see in waiting rooms.

Anyway, so instead off finishing up shortly after 9.00am as I had originally thought, I finally got away just after 12.00 noon!