Do I look like a Hick?

One of the benefits of having the first name of Richard is that there are so many nicknames and pet-names.

Here’s just a few that I’ve used or been called over the years:

  • Rich
  • Richie
  • Rick
  • Ricko
  • Rickie
  • Ricardo
  • Dick
  • Dickie

However there’s one variant of the name that I’ve not heard before, and that’s the name ‘Hick’. Apparently it’s a valid nickname for Richard, albeit one that doesn’t necessarily have particularly positive connotations surrounding it.

So I wonder if I should start using the name – with the sole purpose of being unique – rather than to promote my unsophisticated provincial ways. There are loads of Richard Bloomfields online, but a quick google search shows that there’s nobody called “Hick Bloomfield”.

What do you think?