Joint Credit Cards

At the moment, I have a personal credit card account. My wife has a second card on this account, and can spend using this card, but she has no access to check on the balance or manage the account.

So I was looking around to see if it was possible to get a joint credit card. And I haven’t had much luck.

Almost all the banks that offer credit cards allow me to get a second or third card for the account, but the liability for the debt and the management of the account still rests on one person.

I can go out and get a joint current account, a joint bank loan, or a joint mortgage, but it seems I can’t find any joint credit cards.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • A credit card account with shared liability for the debt
  • A separate credit card number for each person so that we can see whose card was used for a transaction
  • The ability for both people to access and manage the credit card account (including checking the balance, transactions, and making payments) under separate logins

I’ve been checking all the major Irish banks online, and I can’t find any mention of a product that comes close to my requirements. And I’m not sure whether any of the FinTech companies are innovating in this space yet.

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