GLS parcel arrived, eventually

I ordered a new part for my bicycle last week from a retailer in the UK. They use Parcelforce for their delivery, who are a partner of GLS in Ireland.

Normally when I get things delivered from the UK it takes a couple of days to get delivered. It takes around a day to get to Ireland, and then it’s normally out in the delivery van the next day.

However this time it took GLS a total of 10 days to get the bike part to me. The parcel made its way from the UK to Ireland in a little over 24 hours, but then sat in the parcel centre for 2 working days, and then in the delivery van for a further 4 working days.

Here’s the tracking details:

I can’t think of any reason for the delay. The package was clearly labelled and undamaged, and the delivery address was to a city-centre office that has a constantly-staffed reception.

I also contacted GLS twice during my wait to ask what the problem was, using their online contact form. But I only got one response from them on the 14th June saying “your parcel is out for delivery”. Unfortunately it didn’t get delivered that day, or the next, or the one after that. It didn’t actually get delivered until the end of the day on 19th June!

Thankfully, the retailer in the UK was a lot more helpful than GLS, and were really good about keeping in touch throughout. They have also generously agreed to refund the postage as a gesture of goodwill.