Boohoo next day delivery to Ireland doesn’t work

It’s a pretty bold claim from the online retailer Boohoo. If you order something on their website before midnight, then you will receive it in Dublin the next day!

Here’s the offer on their website:

I order a lot of stuff from the UK, and most of the time it takes a couple of days to make it to Ireland. So I was dubious about whether they could fulfil on this promise – and as it turns out, they could not!

I had originally ordered a shirt mail-order from another retailer in the UK for a very specific event on Saturday, and I was worried that it wouldn’t arrive in time. So on the advice of my wife, I looked at another shirt on sale with Boohoo.

This was on Wednesday evening. And if the Boohoo website was to be believed, then I should be able to receive it the next day on the Thursday – so on that basis, I ordered and paid for the next-day delivery.

Unfortunately it didn’t arrive the next day, or indeed the next day. In fact it wasn’t until Friday lunchtime (according to the online tracking) that my package was handed over to the courier for delivery at their facility in the UK – some 2 days after I ordered – and there was no way they would get it to Dublin and delivered in half a day!

And so the shirt I needed for my event on Saturday would not be delivered until Monday at the earliest. I got on to Boohoo to complain, and asked them to cancel the order, because the shirt was no use to me now. They said they couldn’t do that. So I asked if they could offer me compensation for the delay, and all they offered me was a refund of €1 – the difference between the next-day and standard delivery fees.

Needless to say, I’ll not be buying anything from them again!

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