Dodder stepping stones passable indicator

I often pass over the stepping stones on the River Dodder to access Bushy Park in Terenure.

On days like today, when there’s been a lot of rain recently, I can pretty much predict that the river level will be high, and make the stepping stones flooded and unusable.

But other days it’s harder to predict, and it’s not until you get to the actual stepping stones that you find out if they are passable.

So I got to thinking that it would be very useful to have some kind of online indicator to say if the river level is high blocking that crossing. It wouldn’t be that hard to create.

We would need a water level measuring device linked to a small computer (say a raspberry pi), with a SIM card for connection to the outside world, and maybe a small solar panel for power.

It could do a check of the water level, say every 10 minutes, and then call an API end-point on a publicly accessible server somewhere, to pass on the water level information.

The server can then host a very simple web interface (mobile accessible, obviously) showing if the steps are passable.

Then, when I’m out walking the dogs, I would be able to check online before I got near the steps, and divert to another route if needed.