Nearly Irish?

I got a letter from the Department of Justice earlier this week indicating that I’m at the final stage before getting my citizenship.

The letter says:

I refer to your application for a certificate of naturalisation. The Minister proposes to grant your application, subject to the successful completion of the application process.

It then goes on to request that I send the final €950.00 fee, along with two passport sized photographs. The idea being that once these are received they will send me an invite to the next ceremony.

After the High Court ruling in July about continuous residency rules all citizenship ceremonies had been put on hold. But a week ago the Court of Appeal overturned the ruling, allowing for ceremonies to recommence.

The Department of Justice immediately advertised a new ceremony date of the 9th December, and it seems they are now contacting loads of people – including me – to potentially fill the places on that date.

So far I’ve been waiting 20 months for my Irish Citizenship to be processed, but it looks like I won’t have to wait too much longer!

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