Election poster cable ties

It’s now just over a week since the Irish General Election, and the candidate’s posters should now have all been take down across the country.

The law says that election candidates have 7 days to remove their posters after the election, and that deadline ran out at midnight last night. For any ones left up today, candidates face a possible €5 fine. As such it’s no surprise to hear some reports that some miscreants have been putting UP posters of candidates they don’t like, in the hope of getting them into trouble!

And while most of the election posters have indeed gone, often the cable ties used to attach the posters to lamp posts are still there – either on the lamp post or on the ground.

Discarded cable tie on the gound
This is one I spotted this morning and picked up

How do we deal with the cable ties?

The candidates and their helpers aren’t exactly great when it comes to tidying up after themselves. These cable ties are on lamp posts all over Dublin, and it will probably be down to the local council street cleaners to get rid of them.

So how do we get election candidates to be more conscientious in not leaving these cable ties to litter our streets? I had a few ideas:

  • Pass a law saying that candidates had to use official cable ties that are printed with the candidates name or reference code, and that fines could be issue for discarded ones. Unfortunately this is open to abuse again, as people could steal the cable ties of their opponents, and then litter them around in order to discredit the candidate.
  • The council could collect a “littering levy” from each candidate to pay for the official collection and recycling of all election posters and cable ties after an election. This would ensure everything was collected properly and in a timely manner. And if any candidate wanted to keep their posters for use in future elections, they could arrange to collect them from the council before they are recycled.