Mounting my air quality sensor

A couple of weeks ago I went to a workshop where I built my own air quality sensor to monitor the particulates in the air outside my home.

The only problem is that it requires a 5 volt power supply using a USB cable to operate, and my house doesn’t have any outside power sockets.

As an interim to get up and working, I simply connected the sensor to a USB powerbank, but it only lasted a few days before it needed recharging . So I needed to come up with a more long-term sollution.

My wife wasn’t very happy about the idea of drilling a hole in the wall of the house, so I had to think of a non-destructive way of getting power outside.

The solution came with a flat USB cable that I could run out of the window. It was slim enough to pass between the window and its frame, and still allow the window to open and close without a problem.

The USB cable is plugged into the USB port of a power socket in my kitchen, and comes out at the top of the kitchen window. Around the window frame I used a bit of gaffer tape to secure the cable.

One particular problem was that the walls on the outside of my house are coated with a cement render, which had a habit of disintegrating whenever I tried to bang a nail into it! So I had to be very careful not to destroy the finish on the walls too much.

I avoided this problem by taking the cable straight up into the eaves of the kitchen roof, and securing it to the wooden boards. The cable then ran around the side of the house, and the sensor was then secured to a drain pipe in my side passage using cable ties.