Working from home

Following yesterday’s announcements from the Irish government about a phased reopening of society and business, it re-enforced the reality that I’m going to continue working from home for at least another three months!

I really didn’t like the prospect of working from the kitchen table for that amount of time, so I decided it was time to make a better semi-permanent workspace – one that doesn’t have the temptations of the fridge in it’s eyeline.

I’m lucky that we have a guest bedroom that I can convert. We’re not likely to have any house guests for the foreseeable future, and so the double bed has been upended and laid against the wall. And I’ve been able to acquire a new desk at very late notice thanks to Flying Elephant. It was ordered at 10.20pm last night, and arrived on my doorstep at 10.40am this morning, which is amazing service!

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