Problems connecting my Fitbit Aria 2 scales to the wifi

I recently changed the wifi in my home, and the Fitbit Aria 2 scales will no longer connect to the internet.

I’ve tried all the suggestions from online help:

  1. Connecting the wifi in the Fitbit app – it just shows errors to me when I try to select the wifi network
  2. Deleting the scales from the Fitbit app and then doing a factory reset of the Aria 2 – this shows the same error when trying to select the wifi network
  3. Connecting directly to the scales to setup – the scales are meant to have a wifi network with a name in the format ARIAXXXXXX but my scales don’t do this

I’m currently trying to resolve it with Fitbit support with a series of different emails back and forth. So far they’ve asked me to confirm:

  1. That my network settings support protocol 802.11b – Yes ✔
  2. The make and model of my wifi router – Done ✔
  3. That the router is connected to a computer with an Ethernet cable – this question makes no sense, as the scales only use bluetooth and wifi, and there’s no computer involved!
  4. That there are no firewalls or MAC filtering turned on – Yes ✔
  5. That I’m not using a network extender – Yes ✔
  6. That I’ve tried to do a factory reset of the scales – Yes ✔
  7. That I’ve tried connecting to the scales on the ARIAXXXXXX network – Yes ✔
  8. That the password on my wifi network is less than 32 characters – Yes ✔
  9. That the device is within 10 feet of the router – Yes ✔
  10. How many other devices are on the wifi – not so many that it would cause a problem
  11. Whether it’s an open wifi network, or shared or private – private of course
  12. Whether I’m using a 4G internet connection, or a wired, or fibre optic connection – cable modem
  13. That I’ve tried to manually connect to the wifi – Yes ✔

I think I’m on my 7th or 8th email with the support people. They now have complete details of my home wifi setup – but I still don’t have any new insights into how to get my scales to connect!

Update: So after all my conversations with Fitbit, they finally agreed to post me a new replacement set of scales, which arrived just yesterday. And when I went on the Fitbit app on my Android phone to set them up, I encountered the same problem, in that I couldn’t select the wifi network for the scales to join. With two sets of scales having the same problem, I reasoned that it must be the actually app that’s at fault. So I got my work iPhone out, and installed the iOS version of the Fitbit app – and wouldn’t you know it, the wifi setup step works without a problem, and the scales are fully operational again.