Problems connecting my Fitbit Aria 2 scales to the wifi

I recently changed the wifi in my home, and the Fitbit Aria 2 scales will no longer connect to the internet when I use the Android Fitbit app.

I’ve tried all the suggestions from online help:

  1. Connecting the wifi in the Fitbit app – it just shows errors to me when I try to select the wifi network
  2. Deleting the scales from the Fitbit app and then doing a factory reset of the Aria 2 – this shows the same error when trying to select the wifi network
  3. Connecting directly to the scales to setup – the scales are meant to have a wifi network with a name in the format ARIAXXXXXX but my scales don’t do this

I’m currently trying to resolve it with Fitbit support with a series of different emails back and forth. So far they’ve asked me to confirm:

  1. That my network settings support protocol 802.11b – Yes ✔
  2. The make and model of my wifi router – Done ✔
  3. That the router is connected to a computer with an Ethernet cable – this question makes no sense, as the scales only use bluetooth and wifi, and there’s no computer involved!
  4. That there are no firewalls or MAC filtering turned on – Yes ✔
  5. That I’m not using a network extender – Yes ✔
  6. That I’ve tried to do a factory reset of the scales – Yes ✔
  7. That I’ve tried connecting to the scales on the ARIAXXXXXX network – Yes ✔
  8. That the password on my wifi network is less than 32 characters – Yes ✔
  9. That the device is within 10 feet of the router – Yes ✔
  10. How many other devices are on the wifi – not so many that it would cause a problem
  11. Whether it’s an open wifi network, or shared or private – private of course
  12. Whether I’m using a 4G internet connection, or a wired, or fibre optic connection – cable modem
  13. That I’ve tried to manually connect to the wifi – Yes ✔

I think I’m on my 7th or 8th email with the support people. They now have complete details of my home wifi setup – but I still don’t have any new insights into how to get my scales to connect!

Replacement scales and resolution with the iPhone app

So after all my conversations with Fitbit, they finally agreed to post me a new replacement set of scales, which arrived just yesterday. And when I went on the Fitbit app on my Android phone to set them up, I encountered the same problem, in that I couldn’t select the wifi network for the scales to join.

With two sets of scales having the same problem, I reasoned that it must be the actually app that’s at fault. So I got my work iPhone out, and installed the iOS version of the Fitbit app – and wouldn’t you know it, the wifi setup step works without a problem, and the scales are fully operational again.

9 thoughts on “Problems connecting my Fitbit Aria 2 scales to the wifi

  1. My fitbit Aria 2 has worked for years. I’ve never changed anything in my home router setup. The Aria 2 began displaying incorrect weight and not identifying me. I first replaced the batteries. This did not resolve the issue. I then did a simple router reset, as I’ve done many times in the past. This did not resolve the issue. Next I did a reset procedure to recallibrate scales following a video on YouTube: (Battery out / press & hold button, battery back in, keep holding button for 10 seconds). Now scales are not showing up at all as a network that I can select for setup, in either my phone app (android version) or on my laptop (Windows). A website for setup scrolls across the aria’s screen. I login to the website at fitbit which instructs me to do what I’ve already done. Reattempting the procedure keeps generating the same result: no visible aria 2 network on my devices and a scrolling website across the aria’s screen. Scales do not appear to be sending a netwok signal that is detectable by my phone or either of my computers..

    1. Should I delete the device from my firbit app?

    2. Should I delete and reinstall the app?

    3.  Based on the description of my efforts to resolve the issue, is it anyone’s opinion that I have somehow broken my scales?

    1. Have an Aria 2 that’s been faithful for years, swapped to a new router, same ssid/pw/protocol, and same problem. It’s frustrating, I see exactly the same issues you are. It’s absurd.

    2. This is interesting. My scale just started doing the same thing just in the past week. No previous issues over the years. I can weigh myself, but it says “guest” and won’t populate to the app.

  2. Same here. Perfect setup for over 2 years in my fitbit ecosystem (watches, food, workouts, scale). Put new batteries in today and the Aria 2 can’t find Wifi in the iPhone App (even after deleting App then repairing with Bluetooth). Seems like the wifi middle in the scale is bust. I’ve spent 2 hours on this today.

    About to throw this through the wall and buy an Apple watch and just give the middle finger to Fitbit. This is absolutely absurd – 100% correct.

  3. Same as me. I have had Aria and now Aria 2 worked for years, recently reset the scale as changed password on my wifi (new SSID) and guess what I can connect everything else … but this scale!!!!

  4. I have the exact same issue. New internet provider and android phone – Aria 2 scales won’t connect to the network. I don’t have the option of using an iphone unfortunately. I hope Fitbit sort out a fix very soon! This is frustrating when you bought the scales purposely for the syncing bit :-(

    I hope these posts are picked up by Fitbit and a solution will be posted soon. In the meantime I will be trying the support team. Wish me luck.

    1. Hey Charlotte. I wouldn’t hold your breath for Fitbit/Google to fix the Android app. They no longer sell Aria scales, so it won’t be their top priority to address the problem that has now existed for years!

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